What is L1BREC0N

LIBRECON is the reference international event in the south of Europe of the open technologies sector applied to strategic sectors, which will take place in Bilbao on 11 November 2020.

LIBRECON is the biannual international event, organized by ESLE, the association of free technologies and open knowledge companies of the Basque Country, and Asolif, the national federation of free software companies. The event will take place in Bilbao on November 11, 2020.

LIBRECON, whose last edition also held in Bilbao in 2018 brought together nearly 1,000 attendees, comes at a time of maximum interest regarding OPEN technologies due to the pandemic. The digital transformation accelerated by COVID 19 has made visible the importance of having its own industry in strategic sectors such as technology. For this reason, ESLE is promoting LIBRECON for another year to show open source solutions in Telecommuting, Electronic Commerce and Digital Transformation of processes, among other areas that have experienced a tsunami in recent months and that need solutions.

Precisely adapting to the circumstances and with total security guarantee, it will be held in a online format and will cover current issues related to OpenJob and cybersecurity, the digitization of industry (Industry 4.0), education, Public Administration e-commerce.

For these sectors, the event seeks to be the meeting point and reference point for learning about the latest trends in open technologies applied to their work areas and for exchanging knowledge that encourages business development.

In short, open work models and open technologies have the opportunity to strategically position themselves as a solution to a need for technological innovation in a changing environment. A reality that is written in open source.